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  • Director, Cardiac Surgery Department Henry Dunant Hospital Center 

  • Vice Chancelor of the World Society of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons

  • Founder of the Euro-Asian Bridge Society” 


Dr. Sotirios Prapas was Born in Sykourio of Larissa, in the year of 1954.
He graduated from the Medical School of the Aristotle University of
Thessaloniki and he was specialized in Cardiac Surgery under the direction
of Professor Panagiotis Spyrou in the General Hospital of Thessaloniki
"George Papanikolaou". Prior to his leading position in the clinic of
Cardiovascular Surgery of Henry Dunant Hospital Center, which he
organized in 2001 and has since directed, he was educated at Brompton
University Hospital in London for two years and worked as an Attending
Surgeon at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, Greece. He is a
pioneer of the off-pump technique for Bypass surgeries and he is
internationally recognized as one of the leading scientists in this method.
He himself was inspired by the "arterial circuitry" (Π - graft), a
complement to the method of reperfusion of the myocardium by the
pure use of arterial grafts, without manipulation of the aorta.
The method has demonstrated safety and superiority over classic Bypass
in high-risk patients, such as elderly, diabetic patients, kidney patients,
patients with a history of stroke, carotid disease patients, with calcified
ascending aorta and of other pathologies, while the use of mammary
artery ensures the long term occlusion in younger patients. He first
applied in Greece, in the year of 2005, the method of injecting the
patient's bone marrow stem cells into the myocardium to rejuvenate the
heart after a heart attack.
His academic work consists of a series of publications in international and
Greek peer-reviewed journals and hundreds of papers in all major
conferences worldwide. His work was also known by a series of medical
visits to over 60 Centers abroad for a live presentation of the "Π-graft"
method. He is a PhD at the Kapodistrian University of Athens, he held the
position of tutor at the European School of Cardiology in Bergamo (year
2009), and in collaboration with Professor M. Tourina, had established
the corresponding medical school of Central Asia in Mashhad, Iran.
He is the President of the Euro-Asian Bridge, a link between cardiac
surgeons from 28 Balkan countries and the Middle East, which he
personally inspired and created in 2004, promoting cooperation and
friendship between scientists from neighboring countries.From 2012, is

the Vice President of the World Cardiovascular Surgery Society (WSCTS).
He is also a member of 10 international companies including American
STS, ISMICS, European EACTS and ESCVS, Asian and others.
His recognition internationally is demonstrated by the following:
He received congratulations from the famous American Cardiac Surgeon
Denton Cooley on the "Π-graft" method at the 14th World Congress in
2003 in San Diego, USA, for the fact that the method almost eliminates
the possibility of a stroke during Bypass Surgery.
He presented the «Π-graft» technique live through a closed-circuit of
audience to a Russian patient during the 55th European Cardiovascular
Surgery Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia.
He was selected by Medtronic Company among the 8 leading surgeons
using the Off-Pump technique worldwide and who had presented their
experience to the participants of the 20th European Cardio-Thoracic
Surgery Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.
He converted the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic of "Henry Dunant Hospital
Center" into an International Center for Off-Pump Surgery (OPCAB) where
about 10 Cardiac Surgeons from all over the world had been trained in
the "Π-graft" technique.
The «Father» of the Off-Pump technique Federico Benetti wrote in a
letter that "... Sotirios Prapas is undoubtedly one of the most important
cardiac surgeons of our days."

Provided Medical Services 
  • Έγχυση βλαστοκυττάρων στο μυοκάρδιο, σε ισχαιμική μυοκαρδιοπάθεια.

  • Πλαστική διόρθωση καρδιακών βαλβίδων

  • Αντικαταστάσεις καρδιακών βαλβίδων (αορτικής, μιτροειδούς)

  • Χειρουργική ανευρυσμάτων αορτής (τεχνικές Bentall, Tyron-David, ανιούσα αορτή & τόξο).

  • Χειρουργικό Ablation για χρόνια κολπική μαρμαρυγή.

  • Επανεγχειρήσεις όλου του φάσματος.

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